Bolts & Sets

Everyone is familiar with bolts and often confuse them with set screws. While bolts have a shank and are only partially threaded, set screws are fully threaded

Nuts & Washers

Nuts and washers just go together. Spring washers, tooth lock washers (internal and external), form B wahers and body washers just to name a few. Complimented by lock nuts, full nuts, half nuts, dome nuts, stover nuts and wing nuts. It’s interesting to note that lock nuts can make use of a nylon insert, an elliptical offset or distorted threads to make them lock

Socket Head Products

Cap screws, set “grub” screws, countersunk cap screws, pressure plugs, low head, flat head, button head and shoulder screws all make use of a hexagonal socket in their heads and require the use of an “Allen Key” or wrench for application.


There are far too many other fasteners to list here, but these are some others that we stock: dowel pins, spring pins, hose clamps, machine screws, self-tapping screws and threaded rod. All fasteners come in many different materials, grades, finishes and threads. We predominantly stock items in hi-tensile, stainless steel and bras.